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Home43 started its activities earlier 2009 based on personal experience with home exchange system.
The idea exists more than 50 years and over the years the home exchange system has gained a large number of enthusiasts. Holidays in this way is not only much cheaper, but also much more comfortable and easier to do - especially for families with kids. And perhaps even more important is that you have the opportunity to "become" a local, and the chance to get much closer to the true heart of the place and everything it has to offer. You see places which are hidden from the usual crowd of tourists. You can enjoy a drink or two with locals. You are able to take in the atmosphere and live life to the fullest, far away from the standard hotel accommodation...

That's why we decided to launch Home Exchange Czech as a platform not only for international home exchanging, but also for cottage swaping within the Czech Republic.

With every registration of yours our database is larger and your selection better.
So come on - be a part of it!

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