What is Home Exchange?

Home Exchange is a unique way of traveling - two individuals or families from the same country or from different parts of the world swap their homes (an apartment, a house, a cottage) for agreed period of time. The system is economical and it provides for a higher quality of comfort and culture when travelling.

How does it work?

You can view listings on our website without registering. However, if you find an exchange partner you would like to contact or if you want to place a listing of your own home, you have to register. After you have selected the home  you like, you contact the owner (the first contacts are anonymous through your private page). Than you agree or not agree on a home exchange. Or you can just place your listing and wait for reactions. But it is always more effective to search actively, you'll have than more chances to find a match!

What sort of people do this?

People from all the world, most of them are professionals (managers, lecturers, and so forth), executives, or retired people. They're usually well educated and experienced travellers. Basically, they're people who relish the real experience of a place, not just a tourist package.

What about safety?

If you haven't swapped before, you will probably be very concerned. After all, the idea of letting complete strangers live in your home could be unpleasant.
However, the people have been doing this for more than 50 years and it works. Tales of malicious damage or theft are almost non-existent. Of course, a small damage (broken plate etc.) can happen, but then it is up to you and your chosen partner to discuss and clear such situations before deciding on the exchange.
There are several tools how to secure your home will be safe. The swappers rate each other, so you can check the 'reputation' of potential swapping party. You'll also trade  a number of emails and phone calls with them before the exchange, so you get to know them very well that way, too. Good communication minimizes misplaced expectations. Ask questions about the home and region.
The home exchange system is built on trust and respect to someone else's property. The members of this system are aware of this. Your home is much safer if you've got swappers living there than if it was were standing empty.

Can I offer two homes?

Of course. A lot of people own a second home (a cottage etc.). You can offer as many homes as you like. For placing several properties see Fees.

Can I rent my home at Home Exchange Czech?

Yes. There are situations, when you leave your home for a longer period of time (study, business etc.). Than let it earn some money for you! You can register your home in our database within the Premium Membership.

Do I need any extra insurance?

Most home insurance policies will cover swappers. After all, it's the same as letting you friends or relations stay in your home while you're away. As you can imagine, most insurers would much prefer you to have people looking after your home than for it to be empty.

How much is the membership?

The Basic Membership is free of charge.
The information on payments you find here.

How do I register?

Click on Register and you find a registration form. Fill in all information - do not forget that your success in exchanging depends on how you present your home and yourself! Fill in all the neccessary information you think that could help the potencial exchange partner to decide! More information on registration you find here.

How long does it take to agree on an exchange?

This varies, as it depends on the attractiveness of your home and the information you provide. It can take few weeks or months, before you exchange all the necessary information with your partner, so it is neccessary to plan well in advance forward. But sometimes you'll get plenty of offers and you can agree on an exchange within few days.

Nobody shows interest in my home.

Have a look at your listing and try to see it as your potencial exchange partner would - is it attractive enough, does it have all the current information? Maybe you should improve your images (photos promoting the highlights of your home makes a massive difference!), complete the information on your home, maybe some very important information is missing! And don't just wait for offers - have a look around and search our homes. Make a few enquiries - it never hurts to ask.

What advantages does the home system offer?

Home exchange system has several advantages. First - it offers free and very comfortable accommodation. And on top of that - we are convinced that  home exchange offers you  something any hotels can't:  the comfort of a real home, local connections and authenticity.

Who cleans the house?

It is expected, that the houses will be cleaned and prepared to welcome guests, so they feel comfortable. The general rule is to leave the house exactly as you found it, and to take care of the home as you expect your partner to take care of yours. You can also agree on a cleaning service.

What about pets?

It depends on your agreement with your exchange partner. The listings clearly note whether there are pets in the house and whether pet care is requested or required or if you are/are not allowed to bring your own pets.

What about kids?

Parents of young children can check our database for homes where children are welcome. Usually, parents prefer to stay in a child proof place anyway. It promises a much more relaxed vacation for them. They will do their own child-concerned search in our database that will satisfy their needs.

What is your privacy policy?

Home Exchange Czech does not post or sell any of your personal contact information - your name, street address, email address or telephone in your listing, or make them available over the World Wide Web. Our advanced home exchange system hides your personal contact information - you communicate with your potencial exchange partner first anonymously through your personal page. It is entirely up to you if and when you reveal your identity to your partner. For more information see Privacy Policy.

Can we swap cars?

Yes, a part of the exchange may also be a car exchange (this infomation you find in the registration form). Make sure you have written permission from the vehicle owner, especially in foreign countries. Also, it's helpful to provide a copy of a valid driver's license. But please check with your own insurance company.

How do I renew my membership?

The Basic Membership is free of charge. The Premium Membership (paid) is for 1 year. 30 days before your membership ends we will notify you per mail. This allows for easy online renewal of your membership.

How can I pay the membership fee?

You can pay per bank transfer. After receiving your payment, your Premium Membership becomes valid and your offer will be published.

Does the home exchange have to be simultaneous?

Not neccessarily, you and your exchange partner can agree on different exchange dates. This is very practical, especially if you own a second home, which allows for a lot more flexibility.

What about my valuables?

Home exchange is about trust. Usually just leave things where they are, but if you don't feel comfortable with this concept, you can always lock especially valuable items like jewellery, porcelain etc. away. You can agree with your exchange partner, that a certain room or wardrobe will not be available.

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