Fees from January 1, 2011

We offer the following memberships:

Basic Membership - free of charge

Includes: - 1 listing
             - contacting other Home Exchange Czech members
             - max. 4 photos
             - "watch dog" - the latest arrivals in the Home Exchange Czech                        database into your mailbox! 

Anytime during your Basic Membership you can up-grade to Premium Membership.

Premium Membership - 40 EUR/1 year
                                    - 60 EUR/2 years

Includes: - possiblity to list your home as a rental
             - unlimited number of listings
             - max. 10 photos
             - contracts to download
             - priority (Premium Membership listings are displayed before the                    Basic Membership lisitngs) 

Payment conditions:
Account holder: Robert Ferstl
Address: Guldenerova 907/43, 32600 Plzen, Czech Republic
IBAN: DE68 2004 1133 0512 8285 00 

As a variable symbol, state your listing ID. Do not forget, please, as identifying your payment may cause a delay in publishing your listing! In case we do not receive  your payment for a Premium Membership within 15 day from listing your home, you will automatically receive a Basic Membership.
Your membership lasts 1 (2) year(s). 30 days prior to its expiration you will be informed per e-mail in order to decide if your want to prolong your membership.

Listing your home for both exchange and rental:
You can list your home for both exchange and rental. In this case you have to register for the paid Premium Membership. In case we do not receive your payment for the Premium Membership within 15 days, your listing will be automatically registered for only an exchange within the Basic Membership.


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