Press Release 1/2010

Press release 01/2010

Home exchange finds its fans in the Central Europe

Pilsen (CZ), February 18, 2010 – Home exchange holiday is gradually gaining its fans in the Central Europe. Home Exchange Czech is the first home exchange agency concentrating on inbound and outbound home exchanging in the Czech Republic. They offer apartments in Prague, country cottages in the mountains and more. As a premium, they provide home exchangers to the Czech Republic with other travel services.

In their database you find logically homes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also such „gems“ as Victorian villa in Melbourne, seaside home in Turkey or apartments in the center of Madrid or Paris.

„We do not offer a huge number of homes as other global home exchange agencies do. Our aim is to provide the travelers not only with home for their holiday, but also with special services. If they decide to spend their home exchange holiday in the Czech Republic, we can organize for them trips, book tickets, restaurants, car hire – everything tailor-made. This is a feature, which no global home exchange agency can offer,“ says Hana Ferstl, one of the founder and co-owner of the company.

„We want actively promote the incoming tourism to the Czech Republic. Every foreign visitor knows Prague (and we offer apartments in Prague, too), but there are many beautiful places in our country, which are being neglected from the tourists point of view. That’s why we have introduced a special tool: in our Highlights section we present interesting places, events, etc. in the Czech Republic, such as Bohemian Paradise, Moravian winemaking, trips to the mountain regions etc. Each of this feature is supplied with a list of homes for exchanges in relevant region“, adds Katerina Zatkova, the co-owner of Home Exchange Czech.

„Home exchanging has a large potencial. Despite the economic recession, the people are not going to give up on traveling. They are glad, if they discover a way of traveling which saves a large portion of costs. The Czechs may be a little more conservative than their European or American counterparts. They need more time to get accustomed to the new way of traveling, but their reactions are prevailingly very positive“, says Hana Ferstl.


Home Exchange Czech was founded in April 2009. Up to now, there are homes from 19 countries of Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Home exchange is a unique way of traveling based on reciprocity: you stay in my house, while I stay in yours. The system exists for more than 50 years and its popularity rises especially due to the general cost minimizing.



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