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Home Exchange Czech is a system transmitting an accommodation between its two registered members based on mutual exchange of properties.

Personal data protection
Our company home43 is a registered member of The Office for Personal Data Protection, Identification Nr 34010. The information on our clients is stored in accordance with laws in force of the Czech Republic (Act Nr. 101/2000 Coll.).

The protection of our members' personal data is our highest priority. Therefore each member has a personal page protected with a security password. By means of his/her personal page, the member can communicate with other Home Exchage Czech members without revealling his/her name, mailing address or other identification data. As soon as the member finds his/her exchange partner, he/she can reveal his/her contact data - but even then he/she can reveal only a mailing address. The complete disclosure of the data depends utterly on the member's will.

The contact and personal data of Home Exchange Czech members are not displayed in a listing or made available to web site visitors or other members. Our company guarantees, that the names and contact information the clients provide are not sold or given to any third party. By providing his/her personal data, the client agrees to be contacted anytime by our company. However, if the client wishes not to be contacted by our company or his/her contact data have has changed, he/she must inform us. Our company may use a client's contact data (e-mail address, telephone) to mail a newsletters, special offers, information on technical web site changes, etc. Our company may also use a members' contact data for market research purposes. Our company may use the demographic and profile data to build a complete overview of its member structure. We may use this information for marketing purposes and to improve our service. The member may refuse to obtain such mails anytime (see log off e-mail). Our company stores our member's data during his/her membership duration only. If the client does not renew his/her annual membership or does not accept a call for membership renewal , his/her data is deleted from the database.

All materials (including without limitation, all text, images, logos, and design) are Copyright (c)2008 home43. The information presented here may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed for compensation of any kind.
The design, format and content of the Home Echange Czech web site is protected by all applicable copyright and trademark laws.

All listings posted on the Home Exchange Czech web site are the sole intellectual property of home43 and may not under any circumstances be posted on another web site or in any other media for any purposes.

Registered members of Home Exchange Czech agree, that any exchange or rental of their properties through Home Exchange Czech is exclusively a matter of theirs and their exchange partner. Further they agree, that neither home43 nor its partners are responsible for a method and execution of the home exchange, because this is wholly matter of the Home Exchange Czech member and his/her  exchange partner.

Members of Home Exchange Czech agree not to contact other Home Exchange Czech members other than for home exchange purposes. Any member who breaks this rule will be immediately deleted from the database and fined 10.000,- CZK or equivalent.

Members of Home Exchange Czech acknowledge, that there may be new owners of this web site in the future or the legal form of the company may change. The members agree that in such cases the database with members' listings will be transferred into the ownership of the new legal subject, or new owners.

The Home Exchange Czech web site contains external links to our partner web sites. Our company does not accept any liability for the content of these web sites or for their way of  handling the personal data. We recommend our clients to check  the method of personal data protection of these web sites before using them.



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