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  • While preparing your house for your guests imagine how YOU would wish to have it. Always remember you are going to stay in  someone else's house and your exchange partners think the same way!


  • Try to swap with someone in a similar family or life situation. A large family with small children surely won't be as welcomed in a penthouse full of antiques, a disabled person won't be very excited about an offer of a flat in the fourth floor without an   elevator! It is very important to clear all questions and conditions before the exchange.


  • Be proactive! Registering in our database does not necessarily mean you will be getting loads of offers! Search for your potencial exchange partners and send them your offer!


  • Introduce your home as attractive as possible! Of course, if you have a penthouse in New York, you are likely to get plenty of inquiries. But if you are a little off the beaten track, you may have to send out more inquiries, and put a little more effort into marketing your home, neighborhood and area. But if you do so, you might be surprised. Do not underestimate good images of your home and information on about your family.


  • Try to be flexible and search for inspiration! The beauty of home exchange resides in improvisation. You might decide to travel to a destination you might  never have thought of...


  • Non-simultaneous exchange is obviously of an advantage. You might exchange your second home or  stay with friends, leaving your home empty...This way you have the opportunity to meet your exchange partners personally, this surely adds to a feeling of safety . If non-simultaneous exchange is not possible, you may ask your friends, relatives or neighbours to welcome your guests and to serve as a contact in case of need.


  • A great help for your guests is our Book of Information. Fill it in before you leave and leave it  in advance in an agreed place. This book contains all necessary information on the house, its' appliances, its' neighborhood etc. - everything your guests need for a comfortable stay.


  • And finally the most important advice at the end. All of us is are different and we each have different likes and dislikes . Someone might not like to participate  in an organized trip with a travel agency, someone would never go trekking with a backpack and sleep in the open air... If you feel you could not possibly enjoy your holidays while someone else is in your house, then home exchange is not for you.



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