What is Home Exchange

Home exchange is a unique way of travelling - two individuals or families from the same country or from different part of the world swap their homes (an apartment, a house, a cottage) for agreed period of time. The system is economical and it provides for a higher quality of comfort and culture when travelling

Home exchange system as a way of travelling has been around about 50 years. Within this period of time home exchange has found hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

Comfort - free of charge?!

It is easy: you stay in my house (cottage, apartment), while I stay in yours. You discover my region, while I discover yours.

Are you fed up with spending your New Year celebration year after year in your town apartment? Swap it for a cosy rustic cottage in the snowy mountains this year! Or what about a week in Golden Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world? And there is Carlsbad, the renowned world spa, the picturesque South Bohemia with its castles and lakes, the wine country south Moravia and more and more to do and see...

All this at fingertips with Home Exchange Czech - there is no more economical and comfortable way of travelling and discovering!

New friends, new experience

Home exchange allows you to discover the way of life and the places from the perspective of locals. You won't be confined to a standard hotel full of tourists, with a tiny, expensive hotel room. You will meet new people, you will enjoy the privilege to become a local. You could possibly never enjoy this experience in any hotel of the world.

Safety first

The first question - of course - that always comes up: is it safe? This is a natural reaction of all people considering a home exchange. We are aware of this. Therefore our greatest concern is to provide a safe of a system as possible.

There are several tools on how to secure the safety of your home. The most important tool is the reciprocity, the fact that you provide your home to other people while they provide THEIR home to you! You are not exchanging homes in order to destroy one, so do your exchange partners. Anyway - before you swap the houses, there is plenty of time to get to know your exchange partners. You will mail, telephone, exchange information and photos on yourself, so they won't be strangers anymore. Besides,  our philosophy is a constant check on all listings. Each listing has its own rating from the swappers and if we get two serious complaints to a certain listing from our members, we will discard it immediately from our database.

Growing trend

Popularity of home exchange has sharply risen in the past few years. No wonder -        it saves at least 50 % of travelling cost. A large group of travellers discovered its advantages - besides the economical one also the charm of comfortable accommodation free of charge.

So do not hesitate - be our guest!


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